2017-102017October25th - North Richland Hills Baptist Church: North Richland Hills, TX
2017-112017November1st - Jacksonville College Chapel: Jacksonville, TX
2017-112017November4th - Here I Am Orphan Ministries Autumn Charity Event: Brenham, TX
2017-112017November7th - First Baptist Denton College Service: Denton, TX
2017-112017November8th - North Richland Hills Baptist Church: North Richland Hills, TX
2017-112017November12th - 15th - SBTC Pastor's Conference & Annual Meeting: Dallas, TX
2017-112017November12th - The Community at Lakeridge (TCAL): Mansfield, TX
2017-112017November17th - 18th - Youth Evangelism Conference: Michigan State Convention
2017-112017November19th - Westside Church: Flushing, MI
2017-112017November26th - Cornerstone Baptist Church: Robinson, TX
2017-122017December10th - Emmanuel Baptist Church: Houston, TX
2017-122017December17th - Crossroads Community Church: Rowlett, TX
2018-012018January5th - 6th - Cornerstone Baptist Church: Robinson, TX
2018-012018January14th - 16th - Venture Weekend @ FBC Rockwall: Rockwall, TX
2018-012018January21st - Lyltle South Baptist Church: Abilene, TX
2018-012018January23rd - SBTC New Pastor Orientation: Grapevine, TX
2018-012018January26th - 28th - First Baptist Rowlett DNOW: Rowlett, TX
2018-022018February2nd - 3rd - Mission58 Conference: Bullard, TX
2018-022018February9th - 11th - First Baptist Boerne DNOW: Boerne, TX
2018-022018February15th - YoungLives Valentine Banquet: Mesquite, TX
2018-022018February16th - 18th - First Baptist Leonard: Leonard, TX
2018-022018February26th - 27th - Empower Conference: Irving, TX
2018-032018March2nd - 4th - Crossroads Church DNOW: Rowlett, TX
2018-032018March5th - Bible Conference at Southside Baptist: Bowie, TX
2018-032018March22nd - 24th - Advance Weekend: San Antonio, TX
2018-032018March26th - 28th Chapel Speaker Liberty Christian School: Argyle, TX
2018-032018March27th - 28th - State Directors of Missions & Church Planting Leaders: Atlanta, GA
2018-042018April5th - 7th - Northeast Houston Baptist Church DiscipleNow: Houston, TX
2018-042018April8th - First Baptist Church Porter: Porter, TX
2018-042018April23rd - 24th - SBTC Executive Board Retreat
2018-052018May23rd - 25th - SBTC Ministry Staff Retreat: Grapevine, TX
2018-052018May30th - June 1st - SBTC Senior Staff Retreat: Grapevine, TX
2018-062018June10th - 13th - Southern Baptist Convention: Dallas, TX
2018-062018June12th - 16th - Camp Refuge Latham Springs: Aquilla, TX
2018-062018June17th - 22nd - World Baptist Fellowship Camp: Clayton, OK
2018-072018July2nd - 6th - Rescue Camp at Latham Springs - Aquilla, TX
2018-072018July15th - 20th - Flight Week Student Camp - Mt. Lebanon Camp: Cedar Hill, TX
2018-072018July23rd - 27th - Emmanuel Camp, Alto Frio: Leakey, TX
2018-072018July31st - SBTC Executive Board Meeting: Grapevine, TX
2018-082018August19th - Paramount Baptist Church: Amarillo, TX
2018-102018October14th - Palo Pinto Baptist Association Annual Meeting
2018-112018November12th - 13th - SBTC Annual Meeting: Houston, TX
2019-012019January11th - 13th - Summit Winter Camp - Ponderosa: Larkspur: CO
2019-012019January18th - 20th - Summit Weekend Ponderosa Camp: Larkspur, CO
2019-062019June10th - 12th - Southern Baptist Convention: Birmingham, AL
2019-062019June17th - 21st - Mission58 Camp at East Texas Baptist University: Marshall, TX
2019-072019July8th - 12th - Falls Creek Camp: Davis, OK
2019-072019July15th - 19th - Masters Camp, Alto Frio Camp: Leakey, TX