Dr. Shane Pruitt Sermon Video Clips

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ABC Persons Of The Week


Our Family Covered on Local News


Our Social Media Adoption Viral Video


Inside Edition Coverage of Our Family


Is The Church Full of Hypocrites?


My Testimony: A Story of Change


When LIFE Changes How We Live (full length sermon)


The Myths About Forgiveness


Unhealthy Dating


The Gospel Illustrated


Jesus Through The Bible


I Am Alive.


The Gospel: From Creation to Restoration


Are You A Fan of Jesus, or A Follower of Jesus?


One of the Greatest Injustices in the World


The Gospel in English (1Cross App)


Faith Changes Us, Not Opinions


The Great Commission & The Lion King


We Are Not Awesome, But Our Jesus Is


Want To Change A Culture? Go After The Men!


Jesus Is Better Than Anything Else


HOPE has a Name, its JESUS


Pursue Joy Over Happiness


Happiness V.S. Joy (The Mount W/ Shane Pruitt)


Can a "Christian" Reject the Church?


Play-Doh god? Pastor Shane Pruitt


Need of the Church in a Cultural Shift


Christianity Under Attack Is Nothing New - Shane Pruitt


Jesus IS Better